1. Submarine cable
2. low-smoke zero-halogen fire retardant XLPE insulated power cable
3. 35KV XLPE insulated power cable
4. ACWU90 aluminum alloy cable
5. pvc/al/xlpe 0.6/1kv power cable
6. xlpe insulated steel tape armored power cable
7. pvc/copper/xlpe 0.6/1kv power cable
8. pvc/co per/xlpe steel tape armored power cable
9. pvc/copper/xlpe steel tape armored power cable
10. aluminum alloy interlocking armoured cable

Bare Wire

    Our extensive range of bare wires can be produced in optional materials, such as aluminum, copper, aluminum copper, etc.

Electric Power Cable

    With a history dating back to 1986, Yanggu Cable Group has developed a robust capability to manufacture all kinds of power cables, including low-voltage cable, medium-voltage cable, high-voltage cable, ultra-high-voltage cable, extra-high-voltage cable, etc.

Submarine Cable

    The submarine cable can be sorted into two major types: optical fiber composite cables and cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables with rated voltage ranging from 10KV to 110KV.

Fireproof Cable

    Our extensive range of fireproof cables can be divided into several types, including: fire-resistant wires, fireproof control cables, fireproof power cables, and commonly-used fire resistant cables with rated voltage of 300V and 450V.

Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen Cable

    Low-smoke zero-halogen cable

Control Cable
Flame-Retardant Cable

    Our company offers a diverse range of flame-retardant cables. This product is supplied with copper conductor. It has been insulated for protection from flame or high temperature. The flame-retardant armored cable is also provided upon request.

Computer Cable
Aluminum Alloy Power Cable

    The power cable is designed with AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor. It is created using advanced technologies like special compression technology and annealing treatment.

Fireproof Indoor Cable

    Indoor fireproof cable

Armored and Control Cable
Products at a Glance

    Currently, we have developed a comprehensive line of wires and cables. These products can be produced in more than 20 series and 5,000 specifications. You are welcome to visit us and cooperate with us.

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