We have established one of the largest cable manufacturing complexes in China. Shandong Yanggu Cable Group Co., Ltd. covers an area of 700,000 m2 and is home to more than 2,000 employees. It is equipped with 860 pieces of manufacturing machinery and 314 pieces of testing equipment. We have introduced internationally advanced production lines and testing equipment for extra-high voltage and high voltage crossed linked cables, rubber jacketed cables, and fiber optic cables, such as a vertical and catenary cross-linked cable production line from Finland Nokia and Germany Troester, as well as a PLCV120 three layer co-extrusion rubber cable production line from Britain, a CCV90 production line from Germany, and a complete cable production line from Finland’s Nextrom, and Austria’s MS and ROSSENDAHL. We built a 128.9m vertical cross linked cable tower and Asia’s largest 500KV power cable resonance testing area, which guarantees our products reach international advanced levels.

This workshop is mainly used to produce low- and medium-voltage cables, high voltage cables, photoelectric composite cables, aluminum alloy cables, photovoltaic cables, fire-resistant cables, flame retardant cables and low-smoke zero-halogen cables, etc.

This workshop is designed to produce aluminum alloy rods and wires. The entire production line includes double chamber melting-refining furnace, continuous casting and rolling machine, wire drawing machine and aging annealed oven.

This workshop is engineered to produce aluminum stranded conductors, including AAC/AAAC/ACSR/high conductivity ACSR conductor and aluminum alloy stranded conductor, as well as JLHA2/G1A, JLHA2/G2A, JLHA2/G3A, JL/LHA1 JL/LHA2 and AAAC conductor.

This workshop is mainly used to produce low and high voltage cables for automobiles, automobile wire harness, aluminum alloy power line, refrigerator wire harness and high-voltage connector clip.

This workshop is primarily used to produce ordinary optical cable, indoor optical cable, fireproof flexible optical cable, OPGW cable, optical jumper, soft fiber jumper, and more. These quality optical cables are mainly supplied for China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.

Aside from the production workshop spanning an area of 700,000m2, Yanggu Cable Group also owns numerous subsidiaries, including Shandong Pacific Optical Fiber and Cable Co., Ltd., Nexans (Yanggu) New Rihui Cable Co., Ltd., Shandong Rihui Cable Co., Ltd., Yanggu Mingxin Copper Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Pacific Rubber Cable Co., Ltd. just to name a few.

This lab is equipped with multiple machines, such as: xenon-light climatic test chamber, ozone resistance tester, low-temperature resistance test machine, etc.

Shandong Yanggu Cable Group Co., Ltd.

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