Environmental Testing Laboratory

    This lab is equipped with multiple machines, such as: xenon-light climatic test chamber, ozone resistance tester, low-temperature resistance test machine, etc. These facilities can simulate various conditions, like temperatures of -70°C and 50°C, as well as the humidity up to 80%, in order to measure the service life of a diverse range of cables.

Flammability Testing Laboratory

    This test facility is used for flame spread of electric or optical cables.

Toxicity Testing Laboratory

    In this lab, we detect the toxic substances which are produced from gases in case of the combustion of electric or optical cables.

Mechanical Testing Laboratory

    Constant temperature and humidity are maintained in this lab, which allows us to determine the physical properties of all kinds of cables.

Electrical Testing Laboratory

    Demonstrated in the electrical testing lab is China’s most precise and most expensive high-voltage capacitance bridge.

Structural Dimension Testing Lab

    After assembly is done, we test the wiring system to ensure the quality of our products.

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