Energy-Saving Aluminum Alloy Wire Workshop

This workshop is engineered to produce aluminum stranded conductors, including AAC/AAAC/ACSR/high conductivity ACSR conductor and aluminum alloy stranded conductor, as well as JLHA2/G1A, JLHA2/G2A, JLHA2/G3A, JL/LHA1 JL/LHA2 and AAAC conductor.

    The workshop is created for producing energy-saving aluminum alloy conductive wires. We send aluminum alloy rods and wires into this workshop after they have been produced in the aluminum alloy production workshop.

    90 coil frame type wire stranding machine

    The tubular wire twisting machine can produce aluminum alloy cables with a diameter of 3.22mm.

    Finished energy-saving aluminum alloy conductive wires

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