Automobile Wire Harness Workshop

This workshop is mainly used to produce low and high voltage cables for automobiles, automobile wire harness, aluminum alloy power line, refrigerator wire harness and high-voltage connector clip.

    At Yanggu Cable Group we can produce auto wiring harnesses, connector clips, as well as electric wires and cables for rail transit. Our automotive wiring harnesses include car body wiring harnesses, electronic fuel injection engine wires, dashboard wires, door control system wiring harnesses, ABS harnesses, car airbag harnesses, headlight harnesses, cooling fan harnesses, starter motor harness and so forth.

    The KOMAX wire cutting machine is imported from Switzerland. Its working efficiency is 5 times that of normal cutting machines.

    Connecting the wiring harness with a terminal

    Pre-assembling the wire

    The assembly of wire harnesses complies with the technical drawing that is offered by our customer.

    After assembly is done, we test the wiring system to ensure the quality of our products.

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